What is a Community Helper?
Jan 21, 2014

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This week we focused on what it means to be helpful to all those around us.  We emphasized the small things that even the children can to do help out, such as doing chores around the help or lending a helping hand to a friend.  We then turned our attention to bigger helpers - those who help in our community!  The kids learned what is involved in certain professions and how they contribute to our daily lives.  We learned about doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and how they help make us feel better and keep us safe.  We also learned how even simply jobs can be helpers in the community, such as construction workers, bakers, and even teachers.  The kids had a special visitor from a community helper as well.  The kids were then given the opportunity to put what they learned about these jobs into practice - they made their own doctors bag, they made a rectangle fire truck, and were able to pretend to be any kind of profession that they chose for dramatic play. What a fun week! 

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