Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.
Jan 25, 2019

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 One of our person we love introducing the children to is, Martin Luther King Jr. Equality was a major point Martin Luther King jr wanted to make across the country. We wanted to the same at our centers. This week we emphasized on equality regardless of shape, color or size, we are all the same. We read and shared many books about Martin Luther King jr and talked about his most popular speech he made with his "I have a dream" speech. Our most favorite part of this lesson was the experiment that was included. We took two eggs, a white egg and a brown egg. We asked the children if they thought the inside of the two eggs were going to look the same or different. Of course we had various responses but once we cracked the two eggs we all realized that they were both the same. In conclusion to this experiment, we learned that regardless of how we look on the outside we are all the same on the inside. 

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